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Monday, September 20, 2010


Then, one day, I stumbled across The Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz and I began to realize just how powerful the call of this little musical instrument could be. I showed up early with my cow-colored, electric Fluke, aka my Mookulele. There were a few other friendly-looking folks wandering and chatting and showing off their ukes. Then a few more came in. Then a few more. Then a lot more. By the time the meeting officially got started there had to be close to one hundred ukulele fans filling the room. Easy-to-read, tablature-style, ukulele sheet music was handed out and this large group of people, old and young, male and female, all began strumming and singing together in happy unison. Wow!

I met a lot of great, fun people at The Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz. One really talented group of guys called themselves The UkeAholics. Here is a video clip of them struttin' their stuff.

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